First, you should try force-closing and relaunching the app. The game will automatically try to detect and reinstate your missing items to complete the purchase.

If rebooting the game doesn't recover the purchase, you should submit a ticket so we can better assist you. In order to investigate the issue and credit your missing items, we will need the receipt you've received from Google or Apple, as well as your User ID

When submitting a ticket, please make sure you provide us with:

1. A copy or screenshot of your receipt:

  • On Android, Google should email you a receipt that contains your Order Number, which starts with "GPA".
  • On iOS, Apple should also email you a receipt.

2. Your User ID:

  • If you're submitting a ticket through our ingame Help, your User ID should be pre-filled.
  • Otherwise, you should go to the Settings menu, tap "Copy ID to Clipboard" and paste it on your support ticket.